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Versuri Never Forget

I'm thinking back to all the good times we shared Through and through no closer two I always looked up to you I don't know how or when everything could have gone so wrong That you could feel so sad You couldn't carry on I can't believe this is true I always loved and adored you What happened where was I How could I let you die I know I could have saved you I can't believe it actually could come to this For once in your life couldn't you have missed And though I know there was nothing I could have done Deep inside I still feel I let you down Best friend I ever had This ending isn't right When I spoke to your dad He told me that those were the best days of your life I would give anything for a chance to rewind Roll back the hands of time to save a friend of mine Deep inside I regret I never will forget

Versuri muzica straina descarca cuvinte piesa album. Mp3 descarca piesa Never Forget melodiei muzica versuri muzica Agent Steel.

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