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Versuri Mother Of All Gods, Mother Of Mine

[Dedicated to the one and only mother earth _Dan_.] You mother, you bear me by fire Into the lake of the abyssic dark There where no light shines, nor even God's fire Upon the stones, upon the great rotten ark Set me on fire, thou shall be the King The chosen one who rises the kingdom Power to us for rest enthroned, never bleed Upon our slaves, our servants, our followers ...See no freedom Oh mother, you gave me birth Resting together with the stars The oriental's night, the desert's cold on earth Feel me night, I'm stronger, feel my arms Resting in peace, in silence My ears still blown by the battles, in past The heads I've taken, the blood I've drunk And the beautiful bride, lady night I've been married once... Mother of all Gods, mother of mine Oh dark queen, oh earth of wisdom In your hands I'll lay again, as my old sword shines I've taken the baptism of fire, of thy wisdom

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