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Versuri _He Polic Ealo_ (Odious)

[Dedicated to all those brave ones, betrayed by leaving the Grand] [Civilization in the hands of a fake God; the Byzantine empire.] Riders cross the raging firetongues As the cannons shot the grandstone The ghost of past is here to stay And the kingdome will surrounding with visions Of the empire, it's failing, by blood and fire Bloodbath; as heads falling with no voice The war knight is here, risen from the mountains across _HE POLIC EALO_ By steel and stonethrowers arrives the end As the sky turns dim and the ground red _Eleeson emas, Eleeson emas O esu upsiste megaloduname krite_ Where is he now, should you call him once more? Baptised in holy water once, now in your own blood _Egennetheto to thelema son ...egennetheto he sfage_ As the sirens singing, the conquerors' victory upon The broken faith of the ones who believed in their Glorious, merciful God Alone now, fight, kill, defend your own Forget the lies and stand brave upon the carcasses Of your precious, doomed children

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