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Versuri Crying Out The Fear Within

[Music/Lyrics: Efthimis] Death and life in this world It's not the romatic thing Living now for just to die And after death there's a life Wishes and hopes for immortal life But none can see the truth in sight Failed to live in promise land Mind and body to live apart ? Cry now for the end While you're lying on your bed With angels upon your head And demons to eat your flesh Crying out the fear within Believe it you not live a dream No more gospels from above Telling what's right or wrong Join the life my friend Living with us till the end Fallen angels as they say Is to live your own way Live your life as a bird, away from the rest Apart from those who are crying Begging to survive Proudly remain the same, even when You're near the end You don't have to cry, to go to paradise

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