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[Efthimis KARADIMAS 1995] In thee place where all spirits rest I leave my soul to touch the fate of fire So proud, so strong, but yet, desperate as it fades while thoughts and pictures remind me of you..., sweet as any dandle drop of blood liquid fire, mother of thee carnal desires emblem of my manor and all those... all those who dance, attendance on my equestrian golden effigy. I'm supping the juices of eternal life going astray by the marvelous muscatel grape and I think no end of this enormous river, yet soft caressing like, as my throat is being victimized by fluid earthly seeds I've become enamoured of fire's beauty alike deep white cygnets of lakewaters blue green sky Someday I'll be one who'll elope with her, the enchantress however, no sooner said than done, and... it lasts ...until the ends of the world.

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