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Versuri Misunderstanding

[R. Hubert, R. Hubert] I belong to those from somewhere nowhere, everywhere We constructed your race for a special task At last you failed You'll be wiped out Without a warning he appeared in between all of these grey hired old men We called them the world presidents They ask him for just ten more years and so he granted it Freedom peace and all the things we'd wished before were no longer visions They had all come true On the tenth year the world awaits From nowhere again he appears and told us once more we had failed You were not built for love and peace You were to be the killer race without emotion It's not for you to understand the reason for the things we planned So we will erase what you've done because you've failed once again It doesn't matter why

Ultima melodie Misunderstanding Mekong Delta album. Melodiei asculta descarca muzica straina versuri melodia versuri cuvintele versurile melodiei.

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