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Versuri Misfortune

[Music: Aldridge, Lyrics: Dower] Like cattle to the slaughter, he lures them to their death Morbid thoughts fill twisted mind, a crave for tearing flesh. Friendly face, a lollipop. He traps them after school Flat-chested, pretty six-year-old, the type that makes him drool. Lubricates his vile tool, child tied to the bed Rams his rod, the pelvis snaps, sheets stained brown and red [Ch] Frustration tears his mind apart The pain in his brain- Making him insane... His tool shed hosts a magnitude of corpses torn and scattered Bloodied meat strewn on the floor from bodies slashed and tattered. Sickened brain, repulsive lusts, feeble bodies torn apart Finger paints, with body fluids, disgusting abstract art. Stark staring mad, re-enacting horrid dreams Horrors of his mind-made reality More than flesh and blood can bear, raging uncontrolled Feeble heartbeat drifts away, corpse lies still and cold.

Misfortune descarca muzica straina versuri melodiei cuvintele cuvintele. Muzica cantece descarca melodia asculta album Abramelin versuri.

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