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You say you turned your life around You got it all worked out You say the search for higher ground Ain't what your all about. And still your reaching in the dark For the one who holds the key But all your so called heroes Ain't what they seem to be And maybe what you wanted Ain't exactly what you need.... (Chorus) You can lose your heart a thousand times Lookin' for your Miracle Man You can try and change the storyline Hopin' things will be better then But when you look to a higher love To save you where you stand It's only then you'll find your Miracle Man. No satisfaction in your world It's left you all undone The happiness is in you, girl. Don't give it up for no one. You know its time to break down You know it's time to lose control And trust the one who loves you To your heart and soul. And knowin' that your needed Is all you need to know...... (2nd Chorus) (Bridge) He's not on any corner It's hard to track him down You won't find the answer Walkin' the streets of this town. Try lookin' inside yourself. (3rd Chorus)

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