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Versuri Mic Club Intro

Ha ha ha ha Enter the Miclub this is where it all starts Emcees defend they honor at all costs Cycle of winners, this aint for beginners Iââ¬â¢m the sinner; state your name rank and business When I pass you the mic, you better burn it Donââ¬â¢t be squirmish, you want respect, you gotta earn it This is where we define purpose, how much heart lies beneath the surface Whatââ¬â¢s hidden behind the curtain? Besides tight verses, nothing in life is certain If you live as long as your words, you make life worth it Writing rhymes gives me a buzz, I do this for the love Welcome to the M I C Club...... melodiei melodia descarca muzica straina versuri Canibus versuri ultima melodie Mic Club Intro ultima melodie cuvinte album.

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