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[Chorus] Doop-doop da-da.. It's a whole different vibe when you in L.A. Doop-doop da-da.. It's a whole different vibe when you in L.A. Doop-doop da-da.. It's a whole different vibe when you in L.A. Doop-doop da-da.. It's a whole different vibe when you in L.A. [Verse 1] Yeah, cruisin down Melrose, hella slow in a yellow Marinello Lookin for who sells shelltoes that I could match with my silk robe I'm like Hugh Heffner at 26 years old, with clear goals Yeah I'll take two pair of those I love the way my toes feel in the cyberfoam soles when I'm doin shows Who knows, I'm prepared to go to and fro All I do is tell you dudes where the Western Union dough You need my social security info? Here's my tax I.D. number, it's worth ten fold I remember my first album, it shipped gold That's a insult, considering I did this one in Kinko's I'm dying to see what this will sold Will the critics diss it at all, or will they feed 'Bus to the wolves? Like I haven't been there before, but at least I'm on a different vibe now, this year it's on [Chorus] [Verse 2] It's definitely a different vibe west of the Prime Meridian Producers play with live instruments, rhymes are wittier But don't sleep cuz in a heartbeat Cali is shittin ya Someone'll put a hit on ya, this'll be where they bury ya I think it's beautiful, I don't want to be scarin ya The women are prettier and the climate is superior Got a girl from Syria, smells like strawberries on her period I'm serious - that's why I moved in with the chick We on the top of Mount Olympus, sharin our interests over a moonlit dinner, burnin some insense She looks so innocent, next think I know she's pinnin me to the bed like a scene outta Basic Instinct Bought her a pink mink and a double link ring She didn't know I was a rapper and I did my thing-thing What a coincidence, she listened to Eminem and Nsync Shaggy, Nelly, and the St. Lunatic clique, Uh-Ohhhh! [Chorus] [Verse 3] Yeah baby, Canibus in the flesh Everybody want a dose of me, come here baby stand close to me Take a photo with me, take this address If you develop 'em post one to me If you miss me and you wanna kiss me then blow one to me I like your incentricities, tailor-fitting jeans Tennis bracelets from Tiffany's in Venice, Italy Are you from the Middle East? (Oh) I plan to travel there after my new release I got Timbaland doin some beats Yeah, his cousin goes to school with my neice By the way I'm sorta starred, what kinda food do you eat? Yeah sure hop in the car, we'll cruise the streets Around here I know alotta cool places to eat You off from what, noon to three, just roll with me My homie Lou just two-wayed me from Lagoona Beach You can meet the rest of the crew, a bunch of super freaks We got to unwind, we 'bout to hit the road in two weeks, c'mon [Chorus] Doop-doop da-da.. [repeat to fade]

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