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*Helicopter flying, and Pilot talkin* Record Industries most wanted: Rip The Jacker: Wanted for the '98 slayings of several rappers One of which went on to be a successful actor Here's the reactment: He called me at my mans crib The phone probably rang 2 times then I answered He sounded really amped up, he tried to scare me He told me that Def Jam wanted to ban me And told me Trace at the label wanted to bang me Damn I wanted to get in her panties, she was scared of me Canibus hates the media and the magazines They have so much credability to elaberate schemes Internet chatrooms with live feeds of a rapper Being eatin alive by La Peez Sound barriers like the Lockeed even without means I run a course rough Terana Mach speed Thats a rhyme from like 9-3 Thats vivid in the mind, as pictures with 600 DPI's to a sheet If i'm high when I speak the knowledge is deep Silent as concrete this is real hip-hop for the streets I never leave any witnesses, its rediculous They serve me court papers in the studio I did this in Missin from society, because they lied to me They didnt want to accept my documents in society I study with hundreds of scientist and science teams And various Ivyleagues, they respect my asteam What do you want me to rap about? Go ahead try a theme Gimmie a person, place or thing I'll create the time and scenes Somewhere in Afghanistan, U.S.A survival teams Keep a eye on their surroundings and the Jahad Rageam I total riot scene, back and forth they encript fiber optic beams On my album out next spring You motha fuckin right nigga im about that cream I promissed my self I wouldnt shoot it without that scene It doesnt look right like Cash Money without that bling Siblings, I mean we all got the same last name Jermaine Williams, thats my name Say it again Jermaine Williams, Danggg I think he goes by the name of the Canibus Man And occasionally Rip the Jacker but never Stan Get it through your head and dont ask me again Box cutter, blade runner nigga rap till you sweat Have you ever read the book called The Catcher in The Rye? It so happens I'm looking for a copy I could buy Canibus is comin for ya'll round day outside Round day outside, round day outside Alotta ya'll shine, but ya'll cant rhyme And its about time that I put ya'll in line Twist your mind with twisted rhymes As weird as Michael Jackson's nose from the side Flows that'll buy the quite bow for the times No need to hide your freinds are all associates of mine Dont be a stranger come over some time I got coke if you do lines, you get a Rover to drive If you hear the engine knockin, just pullover to the side I guess it hasnt been serviced in all this time Halloween: True Hollywood Stories release date We should have a who wants to battle Canibus sweepstakes Limited to three states New York City: home of the greats Philly and out West piece-a-cake Old school rappers, I wouldnt be around without Aint got shit to say but keep puttin albums out Dont let what I say get you upset Box cutter, blade runner nigga rap till you sweat...

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