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[Hook] True Hollywood Stories.. True Hollywood Story.. True Hollywood Story.. True Hollywood Story.. True Hollywood Story.. True Hollywood Story.. True Hollywood Story.. this is a True Hollywood Story.. [Canibus] Yo I vaguely remember 1974, when I was born Soon as the doctor cut my ambilical cord, he put me in my mother's arms I was cryin when she looked down at me She was smilin cuz I guess she was happy (Coochie-coochie-coo!) She absolutely had no idea I was flowin cuz it wasn't quite clear (You so cute!) She just kept ticklin me and ignorin me (Weeeee!) [Hook] [Canibus] My native home was Jamaica (No problems man) We moved to the states a few years later I had trouble fittin in (What did you say?) Cuz I had a funny speech impediment People couldn't understand what I mean Meeda sata greedafa zeen (Sha oh) I used to wear cross-colored jeans Rasta belts with the red, gold, and green My man used to boost travel pocket for me True Hollywood Story [Hook] [Canibus] In '93 I met the Lost Boyz Without them, I wouldn't even have a voice I showed the world I was nice with the verbals That's how I got signed to Universal I released two albums, in all sold 9 hundred and 99 thousand Over the years, alotta people tryed to diss me Cuz I grabbed a piece of hip-hop history Thank God that the drama didn't destroy me True Hollywood Stories [Hook] [Canibus] I took a trip to England with Pac-Man Five months later we met Stan He was cool so we let him join the band And introduced him to the rest of the Horsemans Then I hooked up with this cat named Lou (Lou-minatti) And he was cool with C-4 too (plus two) Now the whole crew's on tour with me True Hollywood Stories [Hook] [Canibus] This is a story about beef Arrogance, lies, and deceit This is an independent release And that's why it's totally depended on the streets I ain't got no record label behind me Maybe nobody got the balls to sign me But it's cool cuz soon they'll all be callin me This is a True Hollywood Story...

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