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Versuri Making Friends

As you in this search for something to hate I can feel you rally around someone With your peers But can you stand alone Can you take the long way home Cause I stood in the circle A hundred times before And I feel safer in the eye of a storm You can throw your stones Iæ£l only bleed for you one day They all answer to the hearsay But they will only care for one day Itæ¯ so small and I would love To show you all I can see you in the middle of a doubt You told them we had a falling out Sick your dogs on me As you take the easy way out So I will be a freak show When the circus comes to town And I will rain on your parade Without a sound Then we will draw a crowd Thatæ¯ only breaking down for one day I graduate this calss with honors I will never fail drama Making friends Will you still hate me tomorrow?

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