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[Silkk] Last Year I was the help, This year I'm the boss You don't like it? Fuck ya'll, they'll find ya'll niggas lost Fuck with real niggas, mob figures, not tru niggas that's soft I talking about visiting some of you niggas, some of you niggas is talk I always been a made man starting I was a teen Through the streets where I knew how to hustle so the Don put me down on his team Told me ya down to take a chance Ya gotta be down to dirty dance, If so the world can be yours, so I put my life in his hands I know I'm up in the game but I learned quickly Told me to live good but wouldn't give it up when they come to get you Told me never make moves with your heart Never snitch if you get caught, never trust nobody a 100 percent realize anybody can be bought Everybody got a price Money's nothing without power, respect, loyalty it's a way of life You've been chosen to be the Made Man everybody gotta turn but it's rules to this shit that everybody gotta learn So go from poverty to riches before I rule, choose my girl Today it's the streets, tomorrow I rule the world.

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