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Versuri We can dance

Oh yeah, Don't think we making ends We down to get our feet dirty Do you wanna dance Do you wanna dance Do you wanna dance (nigga) I told you niggaz [gunshots] The money don't make the man The man makes the green See me 'n P 'n C nigga We servin' all these fiends Creamin, till our dreamin nigga Millions of tops I want the plot The whole world, nigga I want all my own spot Yachts Till I get it, get it Get it how I live I'ma thug One of them blood, nigga I do it how I feel Ain't no such thing as niggaz bein' halfway shook I'ma mothafuckin' killa I hang wit' convicts and crooks (ha ha) Nigga what? You don't wanna, go to war with us Top down, on your block, nigga, fuck it (NOW NIGGA WHAT???) I hate to see you niggaz want to ride with us Down dirty 'bout my skrilla and born killa (nigga what, I means) See you niggaz, be all about y'all green I gotta gets my mad mail on, nigga what (cha-ching) Beamin', fuck 'em, I stay leanin' in the Lex Me 'n Master P 'n C-Murder off in Texas Fuck 'em, if them niggaz can't take a mothafuckin' joke I'ma (mother) convict bitch, I run wit' killaz that cut yo' throat All about my, green, nigga All about my, paper On top, when we stop, till, I'ma call shots of a skyscraper See I don't gangbang, get my bang on, so bring it on bitch, I'm trife Type of nigga that'll pull a plug on yo' life, ya better hang on All them hoes wanna ride with some real niggaz 'n thugz Fuckin' bitches love the niggaz, but we love to get our drugs See I stay tight, usually riding late-night Don't trip. nigga, I'm deadly like a snake bite (hiss) Fake ass Save-Mart With yo' mothafuckin' fake ass heart Nigga I'm known to get it rowdy, AHH!!!! Oh yeah, that's my trademark No-Limit soldiers I ride with the killaz I'ma thug nigga, get above you gon' feel us (ha ha) I told ya the man make the money The money don't make the man You could do what you want to, what you wanna do? [gunshots] Let's dance Man go make the money The money don't make the man Nigga, we can do it how you want to, what you wanna do? [gunshots] We can dance Lookin' there, he got my money, so go ahead and drop it like a dime And if you see me on the block, you better go and stop, like a sign Now see, I'm always doin' silly things, nigga really things See when I rap, its like a showdown, I use my whole nine's and gillitines Holla at me bitch I'm 'bout that money and the power bitch Sour shit nigga drug deal, I kill all them cowards bitch Now I make no mistakes, no, shit, I'm about makin' some dough I'ma thug and bitch I don't love 'em If I don't like 'em, I shake them hoes Nigga don't talk shit, brag I sag like some tities Now I don't let shit pass nigga, I peel you ass like a hickey [kiss, gunshots] I blast cause I'm fast, fast like a quickie I'ma blast, but first I'ma ask, if you with me Now all my real niggaz, look, show me some love And you know, I'm gonna get high, like a daze, show me the bud Survive in any city, look just me the thugs But if it gets outta hand, look P, just throw me some slugs Pistols nigga shit, and a half a kit Uptown 3rd ward, get that shit, and a half a day Now I'm a hustla, should I say, a down south hustla (?) to them niggaz that fake, or should I say, niggaz that bustas Nigga need to retire, before I get they mouth full of wires Should I damn near start a riot, shit you know, we on fire See, what you meanin' nigga, 'bout, no bitches 'n blunts Nigga I ride the day with olds, nigga, with six in the front Bitch trip, shit nigga, you catchin' a slug AK's to yo' mothafuckin' grill, I hold a grudge [gunshot] I wanna dance, nigga, let's dance Now if y'all wanna take a chance, nigga, then charge it to tha game See the man make the money The money don't make the man We could do what you want to, what you want do? [gunshots] Nigga dance The man make the money The money don't make the man We could do what you want to, what you want do? [gunshots] We can dance If you real, shit I'm livin' the same as you Nigga, No Limit soldier, bitch, what I claim, is TRU I'm rowdy bitch, get on some rowdy shit (AH!!) Look down south, east to the west, shit, nigga, everybody 'bout it bitch Don't worry 'bout me, I'm like a (?) I hold my own like a pit, but if I'm trippin Better miss, like to laugh a the game took a shot and you and didn't fuckin' hit it Nigga I can't stop now, look like a nigga can't stop hoes I'll let y'all get a chance to drop, nigga I'm about to drop mine, now look, the shop is closed Nigga every verse on, I'm sayin' on the planet, everything I work on You wanna know why I'm worth mills, on the real, look at the rhymes of the first song See y'all niggaz ain't ready (ready) I hold my trigga finga steady (steady) Nigga I'm hard to grip like spaghetti I chop yo' ass like confetti I bet it, look nigga, don't think the money'll change me I'll fuckin' hang yo' ass like a hanga But I ain't no gangbanga Stop ass standin' Y'all had chances, now what? Percey you know who the man is One less person that's standin' Man make the money The money don't make the man We could do what you want to, what you want do? (y'all wanna dance), [gunshots] We could dance Man make the money The money don't make the man We could do what you want to, what you want do? [gunshots] We could dance Oklahoma, nigga Kansas niggaz down to dance See y'all niggaz down to dance Cleveland niggaz down to dance Mississippi niggaz down to dance Atlanta niggaz down to dance [gunshots] Real niggaz down to dance New Orleans niggaz down to dance Tennessee niggaz down to dance Baton Rouge niggaz down to dance Arizona down to dance Houston niggaz down to dance Nebraska niggaz down to dance New Orlean niggaz down to dance Hawaiin niggaz down to dance Kentucky niggaz down to dance Colorado niggaz down to dance Indiana niggaz down to dance New York niggaz down to dance Misouri niggaz down to dance Carolina niggaz down to dance Oklahoma niggaz down to dance L.A. niggaz down to dance East Coast niggaz down to dance Milwakee niggaz down to dance West Coast niggaz down to dance Utah niggaz down to dance Nigga South niggaz down to dance Yeah nigga In the middle nigga down to dance Here I go

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