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[Master P] Damn. I never thought I'd be wearin a suit and tie so many times a year, but like Bone said, to all my homies ain't here, see ya in the crossroads, fool Imagine this, me dressed in all black At a funeral strapped with a chrome gat Who died P, I guess it was my homie, black Somebody rolled up and shot him in the back It was sad, my homie took a damn fall Sort of like the TLC video, "Waterfalls" But this was the real deal, this ain't no movie Niggaz drove up and blasted my homie with a oozie Now me and Silkk got to ride After the funeral cause it's sad on my side Cause in the ghetto, it's one big black moon I mean people dyin everyday, we all are doomed My mama look at me and say, "Boy, watch yoself!" But I can't trip, mama, cause I live for myself And if I die on the streets, then it's my time to go But if I live to see another day, another funeral It's sad, I look into they eyes Damn, everybody's got to die But one day, I guess we gon to wake up When they puttin me in that black truck It could be you, it could be her But in the end everybody gets did up Cause in the ghetto everybody live like Jesse James I still question God for callin my homie name

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