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[Silkk the Shocker] Woke up one morning, hang over from last night I was drunk as fuck plus I was throwin up, an my eyes was like hella tite Waked up out my bedroom, nigga still reachin for a sack I hads to make me some mail, so I stepped out the door An fo' i did I went back an grabbed my... strap I be whippin some shit, nigga gimme some shit nigga triplin some shit, nigga flippin some shit You got some yayo, give it here I triple that shit for only fifty percent See bitch I be like Seven-Eleven, like the liquor store Stop the car, dropped it out, nigga what y'all hittin fo' Nigga, wassup, yeah I might man, keep it tight man It be like Charles Barkley I be hittin three four, all day in the dice game Man, it's cool, but umm, some of these niggas be faulty Game be salty, wanna run up on me, I'ma have to toss him See y'all be trippin but I don't be slippin Pop a clip in when I'm blastin an best believe I don't be missin It's that nigga - wassup, playa, niggas get fucked Playa haters get bucked, so wussup? Bitch it be A, B, C, D, E Yo the last letter be me, a straight G I keep busters on they back, keep 'em flat that Nigga, wassup, one-times'll try to check ya, I'm at that Woke up this mornin, something didn't feel right Look to my side cuz I felt some thighs Musta been the girl I met at the club last night I had to look twice, damn nigga, I was just like what? Seen some drawers on the floor, and a condom on my dick and I knew last night I musta fucked

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