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(Ron Mael) Looks, Looks, Looks You had sense, you had style, you had cash galore Looks, Looks, Looks You employed her and dressed her in formal fashion Still you bore her because you ain't got a Nose that's straight, a set of perfect teeth You got a built-in seat, that makes you look effete You know that looks, looks, looks, are why you rely on books Looks, Looks, Looks >From the eye to the brains just one inch or two Looks, Looks, Looks >From the eye to the heart's only slightly farther The smart grow smarter, but still can't compete And they know deep down that they are scarred for life And that a face can launch a thousand hips It's gonna be all right If it ain't, don't blame me, it's your looks At night she masquerades her passion covered by a veil of calm Say, put on your shoes Say, put on your shoes No use one look at her and anyone can tell that she's on fire Spot her error Spot her error Spot her error Well, now she's all over you Looks, Looks, Looks No, it's not very hard to make history Looks, Looks, Looks Just some cavalry and a good uniform that fits in places where everyone tends to look and marvel At the way you lead them on and Look and marvel at the way you win because of Looks, Looks, Looks As long as you're long on looks Spot her error Spot her error Spot her error Well, now she's all over you Looks, Looks, Looks Far away, close at hand, it's the only thing Looks, Looks, Looks On the seas in the sand, any place is laced with those who have it And those who can only look

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