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Little heroes, go down The drain day by day Future leaders they go down The drains day by day They cry so loud yeah But the whole world Is not listening Only you mothers of the world Can save the children There' s a lot of things To be legalised yeah But abortion is not an Important thing here How can you have a face Of an angel And let the devil insideof you Take control We tired of hearing these Little voices crying out From far away saying Chorus: Mama why do you Destroy me Mama what have I done To you I deserve to live like Anybody else We all come in this world Not knowing where we gonna go We all come in this world Not knowing where life is Gonna take us Give them a chance in life We' re all taking our changes here Life life life the greatest gift of all I see the government officials Sitting around a table There' s a law they gonna pass Only you the mothers of The world can save the children Women' s leagues All over the world Fighting for women' s liberation But who fights for The children' s liberation We are tired of hearing These little voices saying Chorus till fade

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