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LP Version [Intro] This is a test This is only a test Boy, do you know What I'm feeling I'm overwhelmed by your lovin' I can't deny That I want you all the time But I gotta know What you're thinkin' Hit it and run, real affection Whatever it is I won't let you waste my time So how will I know 1 - Baby with just a kiss Boy when you touch my lips Honey, I'll know for sure Boy, when my eyes meet yours And if your love is true I'll give to you my very best Just pass the test Boy, when I love It's completely You'll do the same If you want me Can't be a fool And just throw my heart away But how will I know How will I know What you're feelin' is real When you say you love me And how will I know If it's real What you feel when you say you care (Oh, we'll put it to the test) Repeat 1 Repeat 1 I've got a kiss on my lips And it's wearing your name So hold on, oh, here it comes I really wanna know It's really gonna show The way you feel inside No where to hide Repeat 1 until fade

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