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It was in ancient history, four thousand B.C. Back up in the jungle in a coconut tree Hanging on a branch up under the sun Was a meddlesome monkey named Jo Jo Gunne Old Leo the lion came down from the mountain To get a drink of water from the jungle fountain Jo Jo the monkey started tellin' the jag About the elephant who was gonna skin the lion Leo tried to reach and grab Jo Jo's tail Got mad and went roarin' through the jungle trail He ran upon an elephant beneath a tree And said, put up your dukes you gotta tussle with me An ol' eagle from Asia made a non stop flight Tryin' to make it in time, just to see them fight A crocodile phoned and reversed the charge Coming all the way from India upon a local barge Ol' gorilla heard 'em talking in the lion's den But Jo Jo bet him three bucks the elephant wins Jo Jo yelled at Leo,?O:P> Go on, knock him down He don't outweigh you but a thousand pounds ?/O:P> Leo left wailin' with a left upper cut The elephant took a snoop, grabbed a coconut Leo fired a beautiful short back cross That's when the coconut landed up against his jaw Leo grew tired, but he wouldn't give in The elephant all loose, beat his jawbone in The buzzard said, they fought furious all day He couldn't understand how Leo got away Jo Jo runnin' everywhere, spreadin' the news To the zebras and the leopards and the kangaroos A hoot owl reported everything he saw Had his eyes wide open, they called it a draw Leo limping back with his jawbone bruised Jo Jo in the trees started singin' the blues Laughin', meddling, jumpin' up and down Till his foot missed a limb and he fell to the ground Just like a bolt of thunder and a streak of heat Leo covered Jo Jo with all four feet Jo Jo was screamin' with tears in his eyes Said, please mister Leo, I apologize Said, if you let my feet upon solid ground I'll fight you close range, fifteen rounds Leo got back to the square of the fight Jo Jo took a leap and jumped... out of sight

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