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Versuri His Daughter Caroline

So few years ago her daddy held her in his arms Snugged the blanket around her feet to help and keep 'em warm When he kissed her tender cheek, oh, how her eyes would shine His ev'ry dream was built around his daughter Caroline He remembered ev'ry time she'd turn another year And, at the birthday parties, when he'd shed a happy tear Thinking of the wedding dress that she would wear someday When he'd have to give his daughter Caroline away He thought of what he saw the night they called her from the roll A silver graduation ring and engagement ring of gold It seems as tho' twas yesterday he met her valentine And now she's grown and here to wed his daughter Caroline Maarching on his arm she whispered, Pa, I still love you Those words remained within his ears when she vowed, I do Cheer was sparkling from his eyes, but tears were in behind When he gave his heart away, his daughter Caroline

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