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Dear Dad, don't get mad, What I'm asking for Is by the next semester Can I get another car ? This one here is sick'ning On a wide dual road. I might as well be walking As to drive this old Ford. Almost everytime I try To go and pass a truck, If I ain't goin' down hill, Dad, I'm, out of luck. And even if I get by, It's still a rugged risk, The way this old Ford Keep a hitting and a miss. Last week when I was driving On my way to school, I almost got a ticket 'Bout a freeway traffic rule. It's now a violation Driving under forty-five, And if I push to fifty, This here Ford will nosedive. Dad, I'm in great danger Out here trying to drive. The way this Ford wiggles When I'm approaching forty-five/ I have to nurse it along Like a little stubborn pup, And cars whizzing by me, Dad, look like I'm backing up. She just don't have the appetite For gas somehow, And Dad, I got four carburetors Hooked up on it now. I tried to hook another To see if I'd do a little good, But ain't no place to put it 'Less I perforate the hood. Well Dad, send the money, See what I can see, Try to find a Cadillac, A Sixty-two or three. Just something that won't worry us To keep it on the road. Sincerely, your beloved son, Henry Junior Ford melodiei muzica straina versuri Dear Dad versuri descarca cuvintele album. melodia album album mp3 Chuck Berry descarca.

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