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Versuri Go Bobby Soxer

Bobby band a-rockin' And the bobby soxer's doing the twist It's a bobby soxer beat And you can rock it any way you wish Work out, bobby soxer, you can Wiggle like a whimsical fish Go, go, bobby soxer Go, go, bobby soxer Go, go, bobby soxer Go, go, bobby soxer When the weekend comes You'll be right back rockin' some more Bobby soxer dancin' But she keeps peepin' on the stand Bobby soxer's got a crush On a beatle in the bobby band Love bug sure gonna bite her If the beatle even wave his hand Twist on, bobby soxer But don't forget the bobby rule It's getting late, bobby soxer And the teacher teachin' you in school And tomorrow morning, bobby soxer You'll be back in school

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