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i don't know why i never did anything to you and i know, i can't comply to the way that you think that i should play my songs never bother'd to take the time to watch me you just criticized with every line you said so many bad things about me i think you'r just musically uninclined and your still spreading it around, and you keep writing it all down and i'll find you, with your review and i'll make you apologize to me just say you're sorry, for your story i don't think that it was very fair of you you jeff brown'd me you said my songs are not all that complicated the chorus's, just seem to be phrases shouted out, twenty times in a row what'a you know i don't expect you to understand my feelings cause your accusing me of stealing power chords from a screeching weasel song you know they'd never let me play that long you jeff brown'd me too [repeat] muzica straina cuvinte Jeff Brown versuri versuri. Cantece ultima melodie ultima melodie piesa cuvintele cuvinte Mi6 piesa melodia.

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