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another morning still in bed, so many thoughts run through my head, self-motivating not to be i stayed up late the night before, to contimplate and self absorb, there is no answer i can see knowing my life sucks to me yesterday i wrote another goodbye note i took a razor and i tried to cut my throat but i missed a dull blade one of my first signs i found a plastic bag to wrap around my head it was a little small i killed the cat instead that little bastard's suppose to live another 8 more times what's wrong with my mind prozac for the way you feel, makes your body so sureal having one with wine is just the trick took a lighter to a can of raid, drinking drain-o lemonaide and all it did was make me really sick but i don't care, my whole damn life seems so unfair do you know what might be wrong with me here in my own hell, they say that i don't look so well do you know how lonely it can be knowing my life sucks to me today i'm feeling down, like most of the time i called another dam suicide hot line and the girl on the phone didn't really care i said i'd end my life, but it always falls apart i couldn't get my brand new car to start. the disappointments more than i can bare. opened up the oven door, laid down on the kitchen floor and only burned my elbows on the rack jumped out of a flying plane, you'd think that i might be insane but i forgot my chute was on my back i tied a knot and pulled it through, and broke the ceiling fan in two it only made me dizzy for a bit now i'm burried underground, and everyone just stands around my grave stone with the caption idiot

Melodiei album versuri ultima melodie. How To Be An Idiot ultima melodie Mi6 album versuri descarca cantece muzica straina.

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