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just another day, i'm sick of sleeping with you and the games you play, when there's nothing left to do you hang around, when i want to be alone and bitch to me, when i'm talking on the phone, uh oh oh oh i can't go, and you can't stay i never said that i wanted you you're always careful now of what you say and there's no reason, the rest is on its way it's just another day i hate the time, that i'm spending with you never the same, with the stupid things you do you put me down and question my authority things don't seem to be as easy as they used to be i can't go....... the rest is on its way it's just another day i can't stand the things you do, you change the channels when i'm watching too you steal the covers almost every day and cross your fingers when you promise me your dirty dishes in the bathroom sink and filthy laundry in the closet stinks i can't take the way you waste my time and leave your letters here for me to find hesitating inside my head and i don't care about what might be said contimplating everything you say and there's no reason the rest is on its way it's just another day

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