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[acoustic intro:] hello, can i talk to you a minute ? how ya doin, i'm fine i haven't seen your pretty face for quite some time you're building walls around you the tension now is showing do you want to keep this, whole thing, going ? last night... i went to a place on the other side of loneliness where everybody wore your face last night... i went to a place it was far away from here, where the pain would all soon disappear well, i know... a place where it's at come with me, i'm sure you'll see, the broken chair where i once sat and, you know... that things will never be the same but i won't surrender now, i won't be calling you, i won't play your games

Cuvintele melodia descarca muzica straina 1900 album ultima melodie versuri. Versuri mp3 album descarca mp3 Mi6.

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