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[Music: Aldridge, Lyrics: Dower] Long has thou dwelt in darkness- Incarcerated, bitter, alone. A ghoulish shade of decay, the merciful earth should always hide. [Rpt] Freedom shall be yours though master, for soon the rite shall commence The brilliant moons stares in anticipation, for she knows of the terror to come. I stand at the cliff's edge, alone in the night. The hour draws near as the planets align. The ocean blazes in the spectral moon-light. Distant peels of thunder sound from a far horizon. I raise my hands to the sky above. The power surges, raging through my body. I INVOKE YOU! I scream your name. My muscles spasm and I fall to the ground. My thoughts become confused. The cold hand of fear clutches at my soul. This is not what I wanted. No banishing to send you back. [Rpt] Scrambling, madly, through the blackness. Regurgitated, from the depths of hate. Your awesome manifestation leaves me aghast. Appearing in all your putrid glory. Retribution time for me, is now, as it is for mankind unbeknownst. A world annihilated by, the opening of the masters eye. muzica descarca cuvinte cuvinte album cuvintele. Invocation Abramelin cantece versuri ultima melodie muzica straina album versuri cuvinte.

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