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Versuri If I Lose Christmas

Holiday season is coming our way music and lights set the mood for the day. There are so many things that I've gotta do to make Christmas special for you. Shopping and planning all things in their place company's coming in just one more day. My body is tired, there's so much to do I can't wait till Christmas is through ..oh Remember the Christmas candy dish (I do) and sneaking to find your hidden gifts. The carols I sung and the games I played Oh when did it all go away Remembering Santa's lullaby The night before Christmas butterflies. Does Christmas mean to you what Christmas means to me? Cause I don't wanna grow up If I lose Christmas.

Melodia versuri piesa versuri muzica straina descarca piesa cantece mp3. Album melodia Kelly Price versurile If I Lose Christmas descarca album cantece asculta muzica.

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