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My name is not important, it's a signal, a sign It means I'm doing what I do because I do it all the time I get a lot of fun emotion, I get none if I use ya I would crawl across the ocean so I could not abuse ya My life's deteriorating at a quarter to eight Because I wrote myself a letter and I mailed it too late I got a knock on the door, I got a nail on the floor I got a nail in my head, but it don't hurt me no more It's an open act of defiance, and it's aimed DIRECTLY AT YOU We could form some kind of alliance, we could do what we wanted to do And the young would live forever And the sun would shine through the blue If we got our hands on this nation, we could do what we wanted to do With all the time I'm sweatin' I've got you on my mind You're gonna lead me into trouble, you will leave me behind Well I am not coming to ya, I'll only confuse ya There's a label on you, I'm gonna rip it in two

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