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Can we meet on the street Maybe tomorrow See the world at our feet Naked and hollow I'll even the climb crystal and fine For you to see With every step that I take Every move that you make Stay with me In this foreign land Just long enough for me To make you understand You could be my guiding light The darkest of them all You'd be the rise before my fall And yet weâ₉„¢d both get along fine Better than most some of the time When I'm with you I am on fire You are the chill and my desire (* Repeat) What do you crave What I can't possess You always ask for more Until there's nothing left These hollow words Make a wrong arrest They beat upon my door A spirit haunts forever more But still I hope and sometimes I pray It won't be hard, We'll find a way Color my dream, show me I'm real Turn on the light, then let me feel (* Repeat 2 times) La la la (Repeat)

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