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It's not the way that you would listen Or the way you comb your hair It's the fact that you are missing How I feel when you're not there I went through all the months of January Locked up in this cell I'd like to be at home, but on my own I didn't do too well Look at me, I always get the blame But I can't even learn to spell my name I like to read, I like to write But where I live I learn to fight So don't you ever say that we're the same I don't need a doctor telling me I'm full of juice It's not a statement that I'm making, but the plain and simple truth I went through all the months of January Locked up in my cell I'd like to think of home, when I'm alone It doesn't work too well

Versurile versurile muzica Electronic. Descarca album versuri cuvinte cuvintele cantece muzica straina Gangster ultima melodie versuri asculta.

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