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Have you ever been a victim in a violent fight When you know it's not true and you know it's not right Got not one ounce, inch of control You got lust for blood runnin' in your soul You know if every person upon this earth Became the image of the mother in a violent birth We could sow the seed, toss up the sand And heal this brutal beat-up land If there's a place to be why don't you come with me Listen to your father, listen to your brother Take every chance that comes, maybe you'll find someone We don't need to argue, we just need each other There's a mirror on the table, if you feel you could use it Don't be ashamed, go ahead just do it Protect your cranium, let it explode Put your faith in the mother lode Now if all this seems to be eccentric Be aware be sure I meant it The tunnel of love has got no end I'm well received, but I don't send

Album melodia asculta ultima melodie asculta ultima melodie cuvinte. Muzica Feel Every Beat mp3 Electronic cuvinte versuri versuri cuvintele muzica straina.

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