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The time has come for dreaming Don't be tired, but I feel a need to sleep Cause my life takes on you meaning When I close my eyes and you reveal yourself to me That's our time, time for changes A time for reason Something only you can see All my life I have waited For a chance to give a love Only you demand of me Fame and success are poor relations The more I get the less I need it Happiness is an unknown sensation My heart has a hunger and only you can feed it Chorus Come on in my dreams tonight Show me where to start Come on I need to shed some light I want to sleep on my heart In the past for protection When someone got too close Yet another bridge would burn But I can find no connection Between the love that you propose and the lessons I have learned I want to hear your explanations You'll never know how much I need it I want my tears to pay your reflexion Cause my heart has a hunger and only you can feed it Chorus I'm sitting here surrounded my possessions Objects that confront me night and day The fruits of my material obsession But it seems the more I earn the more I have to pay You've made it clear that blind ambition Leads nowhere and I don't need it I've lost all my fear All my inhibitions my heart has hunger but I know you can feed it....

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