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Somewhere, somehow, somewhen We'll see it happen again, my friend A simple visitation gone wrong like back in '47 Only this time we'll be on the scene like Kent Brockman Or Sam Donaldson live in New Mexico But now you can't fool us Now you can't lie or deny so much It's obvious why none of us trust you How does a flying disc turn into a weather balloon How long did you think you could trick us with lies? Can't put a cover on the skies Can't hide that face or those big black eyes So how you gonna put a cover up on the skies? Realize, I'm not surprised at your deception Correction, I welcome the challenge to intercept it The message loud & clear You think we fear it Reverse it Me & mine we will embrace it So face it I got the 411 I got the CNN We on-line TV & me we kin My click is the mandelbrot set My crops lie unbroken Your hoaxes, a feeble attempt Circle perfect, bring the revelation Your realization far too many videotapes to go around erasin' This ain't no J.F.K. Check the I.F.O.-out the box Fresh like sightings on FOX Documenting the coming of the chariots Gods in the making, no more jiving No more fakin' the real How long did you think you could trick us with lies Tricks are for punks Can't hide the face or those deep black eyes How you gonna put a cover-up on the skies? Take me to your leader He don't even know you We the niggaz of earth Got to show you The peckerwoods can't stand the site of the Africans What are they gonna do when they face off with a gray man Prepare to meet your maker in the skies over the pyramids Check stonehenge Go ask the Mayans 2012 soon come I will be waitin' sayin' I told you so When the skies are ripped open And the mothership lands on your cynical ass Maybe then you will believe & concede That you can't hide the sun Can't hide the moon Can't keep some secrets so big Yes, the truth must transcend And when it does, my friend I will be chillin' by the TV Rockin' with CNN Yeah, my bong in hand Surrounded by friends When the world as we know it will end

Versuri muzica straina versuri descarca album Hed Pe. Cantece ultima melodie I F O muzica melodia asculta.

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