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Baleka uzohaqwa! (Escape before you are injured!) Uwahaqwa! (Too late he is injured!) Webaba sicel'impilo (Father, give us life, save our lives) At the end of all bloody human storms As the last embers and flames glow We peer up into the wounded sky And search for the human rainbow And in the fading light I wonder why We can never free it from the sky Wangitshela lendaba (You have told me of this thing) I can see it, but never be it, until I free it From the sky Chorus Same old human story The saddest winds do blow While we are trapped in the language of dark history Underneath a human rainbow An angry young man draws in the air Political equations But time corrupts the fruit they bare And leads to more desperation While in the sky -- it's a trick of the light Shine the colors of all creation Chorus Ngizokutshela! (I will tell you, that's how it is). Same old human story Same old human story versuri piesa Human Rainbow. Muzica cuvinte muzica straina cuvintele melodiei melodiei muzica versuri ultima melodie Johnny Clegg and Savuka.

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