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The year is 87' Back in the 12th grade G When I used to hang with CH to the IP hangin' in the halls Tryin' to get the young bitches ridin' my ballz We got dissed cuz we were jog' and kept to ourself shyo Because it's all about self We used to try to get the number and the name But back then - they wanted mothafuckaz in the dope game We used to try to fuck with ho's In our graduatin' class there was no woman givin' up the ass We go to a dance, we see ho's rollin' eyes on my crew, But what the fuck can I do? They would'nt even give a nigga like me a chance thou [why?] Because my feet was my transport You ax 'em to dance they start to riff And on the way home niggaz never gave us a lift But now the tables turned around Every mothafucka and his mom would wanna be down I see the bitches at the clubs, the same ones They're thinkin' they're fine and also runnin' the same line : What's up Ren, we used to be in the same class I'm shakin' my head yeah, now listen to line ass They ax me what have I been up to, Knowin' damn well I made money for my record sales I zip on my drink and say see ya Cuz only a four leg and pregnant mud can be ya' People that used to hate me Now when they see me they speak first But used to demon raps cuz I cursed They used to say I would'nt make it cuz I use profanity And call myself a Nigga With an Attitude But once again the tables turned around Niggaz tryin' to be down - walkin' up like a hound Especially the ones that never had nothin' to say Now they talk to me like enow and everyday Axin' me what's up with Eazy Or Dr. Dre, yo did he marry Miss She'ly? Or did the D.O.C get his voice back, And niggaz think I'm mean when I say I'm not a magazine Cuz when I come around I wanna kick it The ..... is axin' me for concert tickets The same fools, that used to go to my school When you see my on the streets just chill and be cool So if you realy wanna be down - Don't crowd around a nigga like a hound! The hound-dogs, they come in all shapes n' sizes Jackin' 'round Ren with a gang o' surprises Nothin' but a groopy in sheep's clothin' The shit makes me lough when the homies want an autograph I feel like I'm on a talkshow Because they ax all the questions then say they gotta go Never wanna know how I'm makin' out All they wanna know is when my alboum's commin' out Or ax me - 'Yo Ren, when are you goin' on tour?' I tell 'em 'the same time like I told you before' Then there's always one beggin' for me to kick hm down For pissin' on my leg I never knew you you fuckin' hound! So go back to your home and fetch yo' bone And quit retrievin' on mine cuz nigga you got your own And talk about me behind my back - nigga please! So much of a hound, all you're missin' is your flees Scratchin' all day because you're itchin' You're tryin' to get news wishin' you was in my shoes But trippin' like that you'd never be down Cuz Ren don't likes a fuckin' hound - You straight hound-dog!

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