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Versuri Voyage To Compton

(Intro) Mhhmmm That's right Take a voyage Where? All the way down Down where? Down where? Down where? (Verse 1) Niggas be thinkin the Villain has stopped givin Compton props Nigga you smokin off that muthafuckin stress That your ass was chokin CPT, I'm straight out, that's my muthafuckin heart You can't tear me apart, they gave a nigga a start It's crazy niggas in that bitch, plenty hoes to match Plenty pussies to fuck, and plenty bitches to catch Niggas be doin what they got to do, family's a need Compton niggas hit that pussy so hard, make it bleed Niggas hittin switches, and movin pounds of dope So cluck-head muthafuckas got they rocks to smoke Niggas be killin other niggas when they get in they path White muthafuckas gives a fuck, they sit back and laugh These undercover tight bitches be playin the tease Got my dick hard as fuck but she want the pennies Niggas be hatin 'cause I'm doin what the fuck they wanna do Niggas still be havin love for you (be havin love) Uhh! (Chorus) Compton (he's back to you) Compton come back to me (he's back to you) I know, I know baby (Verse 2) Niggas be at the park, tryin to set the pussy up for the night Baby you can suck this dick just as long as you don't bite Go back to the crib, we do that soopafly scene Fuck your ass in the tub, rub my dick with vaseline Make my shit stretch all down your throat Quit tryna talk with that shit in your mouth just write a note Or use sign language if you need some air I'll chase your ass around the room, fuck that pussy anywhere I'm just a Compton nigga, no matter where the fuck I be Niggas don't get high, with me, I'm just writin what I see It's reality that's all a real nigga know All that Slob/Cuzzin and bullshit - it gots to go All these niggas know, Villain kickin the real I gives a fuck how these muthafuckas feel Niggas hate me 'cause I'm doin what the fuck they wanna do Niggas still be havin love for you (and I know) Check it! (Chorus) Compton (he's back to you) Come back, come back to me, yeah Ohhhhh...(he's back to you) Ohhhhh...I know, I know (he's back to you) Lalalalala...lalalalala Compton, Compton (he's back to you) Come back to me no no no... (he's back to you) Ohhhh...Compton...Ohhhh... (he's back to you) no no no no... (he's back to you) Ohhh...Compton come back, come back to me baby I...I wanna tell you baby no no no...lalala...Ohhh...I... Ohhh...Compton...come back to me (he's back to you)

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