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Versuri Ruthless For Life

Chorus: X2 The saga continues right before your eyes The saga continues cause its do or die The saga continues right before your eyes You know why? (why?) Cause I'm ruthless for life Nigga ten years passed and we still up in that ass Will I make it or continue and Look at all the shit you in Eazy does it like happy like the shit we used to do 5 niggaz comin' out the C-P-T so fuck you Time changed for the good Niggaz in the hood be comin' up feel it Can you set it off, for again, you know you should Yo let's that this shit back To 1989 Where this nigga shoot and bust and niggaz know they couldn't find Dream Team lovers Egyptian fan base Feelin' on the scene, all the fools got erased Threw a mothafuckin' monkey wrench up in the rap game Since I hooked up with E, shit ain't ever been the same Opened up doors for the niggaz that be thinkin that your flows be on tizight Bitin' what I wrizite Jokin' when I recite Feelin' manuscripts When I MC, if it ain't rough it ain't me Chorus X2 Yo mothafuckin' G'z, nigga like Eric Wright You can floss for your bitch, but you know this shit is tight Cause when y'all niggaz started rappin', who'd you try and be? I'ma slap you cause you lying, if you don't be sayin' me Or the other 3, that the FBI be phone tappin' Shoot the government before you niggaz started rappin' Now its ? city, I gotta bomb it like Iraq Use my alias, spend my nights at the shack Ruthless attack all the way to two thou Try to block it out, but you never knew how And when I walk through the crowd I'm seeing mothafucka's bread I hear their bitches sayin' ask MC Ren Makin' fools sway when I roll to King Tet's Because I started cussin' all you fools gettin' checks Ruthless for life, see that be my state of mind Y'all can kiss my black ass one more time Chorus X2 I run a hundred miles just so I can MC Villian want that bomb so I get with L.T. Ain't nothin' changed We find 'em, fuck 'em, then flee While you hatin', pillow talkin', with that bitch, she want me Niggaz weed crazy, Dre and Snoop turned you out Now y'all cristal sippin', y'all niggaz be trippin' Make the West look like ass, all full of shit Invest in drug money, shit, still gettin' in What it take for y'all quit Ruthless got it on lock Y'all shootin' videos tryin' to look like Pac Here we come, here we come, blowin' up your spot My little brother Jubee and the big homie Rock Full circle, all this shit gon' repeat When this shit drop, niggaz clownin' in the streets The saga continues right before your eyes Who really gives a fuck? Cause this is ruthless for life Chorus till end

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