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Versuri Who In The Fuck

[MJG] A natural fact: That I pimp tracks and freak around The game got cracks in them pipes, it's leakin' town My lines blow yo' mind, yo' senses remain puzzled Attacked by the weight of the bass in yo' chest, Eightball, MJG, MC Ren, nevertheless 'Cause we's the most My real-ass lizards, let's make a toast, and sing aloud to bustas, and force 'em to get ghost And coast to coast We shows loves in Network, while some try to impress people and get hurt. Deep thoughts cloud my conscience as I curl, up in the corner on hand, and then I hurl Call my girl Tell her I'm drunk and can't make it I tried to drink the whole damn bar and couldn't take it That's aiight! 'Cause come sunrise, I'm still rollin My nuts the only title I'm claimin' and still holdin' [Chorus- MC Ren] Now who in the fuck wanna come and represent? You bitch ass niggaz, y'all be too hesitant I, take my black ass down to the south Bitches wanna fuck me while I'm in the Suave House Nigga, who in the fuck wanna come and represent? Oh, I know you suck that dick, acting too hesitant We, MJG, Eightball, Villain, Make that straight nigga shit, that's how these niggaz feelin', Uh. [Eightball] Guess wo popped up, straight up out the cuts with lyrical buckshots spillin' all a nigga guts Touch whoever witness, strays when I displays, a thousand different ways to get paid with a phrase Days go by, I be hibernatin' gettin' high Dreamin' 'bout L.A. penetratin' somethin' fly Down in H-Town, or somewhere in the Mound, all eyes on me, baby, 'cause I get around We be like, connected weak-ass niggaz get ejected Ooze like slime, dig this hines when we wreck shit Uncut, coast to coast, slangin' audio dope Manglin' MCs, leavin' 'em, danglin' from ropes Boast, tryin' to be doper than most, in my profession Me and the villain, microphone killin' no blood spillin' Phat raps with much cheddar in the tellers, Eightball and MJG and MC Ren, Foreva! *Chorus* [MC Ren] Fuck that, bitches, the villain be out in Houston, Tex., To fuck with them niggaz from Suave who wanna flex. Bitch niggaz got kidnapped, with dicks in they mouth, fo' fuckin' Compton niggaz, and niggaz from down South, Eightball, MJG, where you at, space agent? Y'all prob'ly got all the bitches pagin' suckin' 'casian. Writin' left nuts, chapstick and lips, While bitch-ass niggaz spendin' chips, just to see the hips South-West connection, bitches bow tha fuck down Fuck how them other niggaz sound Villain be hated by niggaz because they bitches pussies throb ready to slap that ho, every time a head bob, niggaz be killin' me, Got that nigga T-Mixx, pull the fuckin' remix if these words don't hurt you, nigga, got them stones and sticks, and some Compton-ass niggaz to make you fade to black With some crazy Houston niggaz in the cut in the back *chorus* fade to end

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