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Versuri Heart Of The Dancer

I want to look into the heart of the dancer His movements have a magic mystery They must have a message and a meaning 'Cause he's doing something to me Please don't let the drum stop beating I have to understand How he dances our future and our destiny And how we became part of this land Chorus Sizodlala! nani 'mabungu! Sizodlala! nani 'mabungu, helele! (repeat) Dlala wemadlalingo... Dlala wemadlalingoma (repeat) Dlala wemadlalingo-yo-yo-yo Dlala wemadlalingoma (repeat) When you were just a witless child of wonder He showed you the glory of his past He weaved for you a dance of the thunder That shook the mountains and the craglands He dances the children playing in the rubble He dances the hollow victory He dances the powerful people ambushed by history Chorus The dance wants to dance the dancer But the dancer wants to dance the dance There's a war between the puppet and the master Between the master and the puppet-dancer's heart Have you seen the gunfire flash across the news in the night? Have you seen the bedroom scene in the ballet? Oh the dancing bear can't bear to dance much longer And soon the puppet will be the dance's master Soon the puppet will be the dance's master Wemagith' ingoma! Wemagith' ingoma!

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