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Maybe it's not That I don't care anymore Maybe I just never did You can't say That I have ever lied Because I keep the truth well hid Tell me what's wrong Is something wrong? You can't be sad When something you have never had Suddenly feels gone I wish you health I wish happiness But absolutely nothing else I'm not here to keep an eye on you I think you misunderstood I could make things easy for you I won't But I could Does that make you sad? Cause you look sad You should be glad For what you've had And don't feel bad I could wish less for you I wish you health I wish you happiness But absolutely nothing else There is no distance here To get across There's nothing to grip Or get a hold The emptiness you feel Is nothing at all Now nobody broke any bones It could be worse Yeah, it can get worse You've got your strength And you have got your health You should be worried 'bout Somebody else (chorus)

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