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Versuri Hail The New Dawn

Comrades, the voices of the dead battalions Of those who fell, that Europe might be great Join in our song, for they still march in spirit with us And urge us on that we gain the national state Chorus: The streets are still, the final battle has ended Flushed with the fight, we proudly hail the dawn See over the streets, the White man's emblem is waving Triumphant standards of a race reborn Blood of our blood, spirit of our spirit Sprang from that soil, for who's sake they bled Against the vested powers, Red front, and massed reaction We lead the fight for freedom and for bread (Repeat Chorus) Hail the new dawn! Hail the new dawn! Hail the new dawn! Hail the new dawn! People who we trusted, again have let us down Jailing men of this country for fighting for our land We will fight forever, until the end releases us We will never submit to a six point master plan (Repeat Chorus) Hail the new dawn! Hail the new dawn! Hail the new dawn! Hail the new dawn! Hail!

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