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Oh yeah alright, oh oh oh yeah Hey girl, excuse me, forsake me but It's your world, can I come inside Let's hit the floor, dance ??? So much more I take you on a ride, oh yeah I see that look in your eyes I can tell you're feeling me but acting like you're shy Don't be afraid to let go Just give in to the rhythm Let it take control Let me show you the way I move I know that you want me too So baby groove with me There ain't nothing I wouldn't do I'm giving in to you So baby groove with me Let me show you I wanna know you Don't be afraid I don't buy it unless you want it And so I'll wait till I am invited So feel my game I can tell you I'm turn down by it Come on let's play I promise that you'll like it, girl We're moving slow I need to know Just doubt if you wanna go I think it's time to make up your mind So baby just let me show you Let me show you (let me show you) We'll move I wanna know you Come groove with, come groove with me Let me show you Nothing I wanna know you I wanna know you more

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