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Endlessly Everytime I look into your eyes I see forever I don't know why But everytime we touch I feel alive There's nothing like it People say that love can't be that strong And you might just believe them Let me show you I will prove them wrong Listen to my heart beat for you Telling you that I adore you If you wanna know how much I feel inside Listen to my heart come closer Let me wrap my arms around you There's nothing I can do I'm so in love with you Just listen to my heart Oh my love You really need to know that you're my Once in a lifetime My oh my There's nothing gonna stop us 'cause we are A once in a lifetime People say that love can't be that strong And you might just believe them But we can show them We can prove them wrong I can't tell you what our future holds But as long as we're in love We're alive

Listen to my heart asculta album muzica straina piesa melodia ultima melodie. Album ultima melodie versuri cuvintele versuri Gareth Gates.

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