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Versuri Say it isn t so

Heading for tomorrow I wave goodbye to yesterday Wipe the tears you hide your face Blinded by the sorrow How can I be smiling like before When baby you don't love me anymore [Chorus:] Say it isn`t so Tell me you're not leaving Say you've changed your mind now That I am only dreaming That this is not goodbye This is starting over If you wanna know I don't wanna let go So say it isn't so Tempt to find but at least we've tried We're still alive with hopes this time As they closed the door behind you We're so alone and time stands still Shake the ground beneath the wheels as I wish I'd never found you Wohoh How can I be smiling when you go Will I be strong enough to carry on [Chorus] Miles, miles to go Before I can sail Before I can nail my love for you to sleep Oh darling I get miles, miles to go Before anyone will ever hear me laugh again [Chorus]

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