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Pull up to spot like what Time to see if the place is hot Is it on 'cause you know if not We aint gonna stay Hit the floor,gotta check the scene DJ aint really happenin' Let's be ghost it ain't no thing And be on to the next place Gotta roll wanna see what's up All night never get enough Runnin' round 'till the break of dawn Is what we do yeah Club hoppin' No stoppin' Only way to keep the party poppin' Keep goin' 'till we wear out the floor Then we're out the door Club hoppin' no stoppin' Only way to keep your body bumpin' Keep movin' 'til a quarter to four Then we hop some more Later on and i'm feelin' nice Club is packed and the music's tight Live it up in the disco light You deserve to play Grab a booth in the VIP Got you all the drinks on me Conversate a bit with my peeps Then we're on our way From chill out lounges to the craziest of clubs We're only tryin' to have some fun From after parties to hotel lobbies all night long Can't ever seem to get enough of you

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