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Adam Ant Party's over it's time to change Shoes away I neatly arrange Next the hairdo On the block Put away my lovely frock T.V.-T.V. Underwear all tidied away Thirty eight bust just for a day Heels so high My furs so fine All a woman's things, they are mine T.V. - T.V. Oh, I'm a joyous glad T.V. Why don't you come T.V. with me? I know a girl who loves to dress me Up like this and then caress me To remind me of the way I used to go both night and day In femininity there's pride We'll marry soon I'll be the bride Chi Chi Pamela or Barbara What a good girl you really are Poetry is awful, so is your prose What's your gender? No One Knows T.V. - T.V. muzica straina cuvinte versurile asculta. Melodiei descarca asculta asculta piesa muzica Adam Ant GretaX versuri versuri.

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