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Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni 10:35 and I hope I've made the right decision heart is beating I'm alive but I don't call this living rationalise till I'm blue in the face you cannot lose if you throw the race I'm still searching for the ants invasion 10:36 and I hope I've made the right decision ninety eight point four's the bore with twenty twenty vision you want a thrill so you come and see me a cheap line in fantasy but I'm still searching for the ants invasion if I'd the courage I would make my way home too many antics in the forbidden zone 10:38 and I think I've made the wrong decision another lifeless man with a strange incision I hope that insect doesn't see me he's not renowned for his courtesy I'm not searching for the ants invasion

Adam Ant muzica straina album cuvinte melodia album asculta versuri melodiei. Versuri melodia asculta ultima melodie Ants Invasion.

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